Know any songs/lyrics from songs about pretending to be happy/depression?

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I need some songs or some lines out of songs about pretending to be happy or about depression.

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  • This is an oldie, by Gary Lewis & The Playboys called “Everybody Loves a Clown”

    Also “Teardrops On My Guitar” by Taylor Swift.


  • Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole

    Mudvayne – Happy?

    Nine Inch Nails – Everyday is Exactly the Same

    Metallica – The Day That Never Comes

    Eminem – Beautiful

  • “Every night

    You wrote another line

    With a bloody, broken, bottle

    And every day

    You wish it away

    Why don’t you pull the pin

    On that grenade

    You coddle”

    Johnette Napolitano – Suicide Note

    “Every day

    You used to pray

    Listen to the black raven sing

    You wanted to believe

    As you were falling to your knees

    Struggling to stand

    With your life in your hand

    The sad last stand

    Of a broken man”

    from the same song above

    “You did the right thing covered your scars

    Challenged your faith

    and closed your eyes driving cars

    For all that they knew you were safe home

    But you went through hell

    whenever you were left alone”

    Maria Mena – Internal Dialogue

    “Memories consume

    Like opening the wound

    I’m picking me apart again

    You all assume

    I’m safe here in my room

    Unless I try to start again”

    Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit

    “Clutching my cure

    I tightly lock the door

    I try to catch my breath again

    I hurt much more

    Than anytime before

    I had no options left again”

    from the same song above

  • so you had a bad day by daniel powter…it has nothing to do with pretending to be happy, just it’s kind of uplifting but i’m not really sure if that’s what you’re looking for

  • – believe in me- demi lovato

    “The mirror can lie

    Doesn’t show you what’s inside

    And it, it can tell you your full of life

    It’s amazing what you can hide

    Just by putting on a smile”

    – “tied together with a smile”- taylor swift

    “you cry, but you don’t tell anyone

    That you might not be the golden one

    And you’re tied together with a smile

    But you’re coming undone”

    a quote about this topic that i like is:

    “Sick of crying, tired of trying, yeah, I’m smiling, but deep inside, I’m dying”

    good luck.

    Source(s): i’m going through the same thing.
  • “if ur happy and you know it clap your hands”

    idk but this song use to always depress me wen i was little…

    and i pretended to be happy

    so 2in1 im on a roll! 🙂

  • auburn-shes happy

    try some lyrics out of there

    good luck hope it helps.

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