Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess; Why did Midna break the mirror?

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At the end of Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess.. why did Midna break the mirror? D:

Isn’t that the only connection between the light and the twilight?

And she said they’d meet again, so I don’t really get it… Why’d she break the mirror?

She did say that the worlds aren’t supposed to mix, but…

At the very beginning of the game though, Rusl said that there was a certain eeriness of that part of day, but they can’t actually /meet/ again through that.

I feel so lame for asking this…. But I’m so curious. XD For those of you who have played the game, what do you think?

Also, what do you think Midna was gonna tell Link at the end when she just said “I…” to him :3

Andd, does Midna show up in any other games?

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xD I just really like her character and I didn’t want her to be gone for good, haha. But for the most part it looks like she is since she broke the mirror. D:<

I almost forgot…

Why doesn’t Link just take the sword when he kills Ganondorf so no evil gets it again? D:<

2 Answers

  • This is an excellent question for which my answer follows:

    Midna broke the mirror so no evil Twili could cross to the world of light, preventing the same thing from happening again. When she said they would meet again she meant that they would meet again in the afterlife. That was a very sad ending, and no, Midna has never been seen in any game before Twilight Princess. For the sword bit, I don’t know why Link didn’t take it, but it is called ‘The Blade of Evils Bane’ for a reason.

  • Ok, the one with all the questions. Your main point, why she broke the mirror, I’m not exactly sure of. Possibly so that no inbalance could occur anymore with the worlds of Shadow and Light, and perhaps she would find another way to see him in the future (or maybe not). When she says I…, I’m pretty sure she was too shy to admit she loved him or something. Midna has not appeared in any other Zelda game up to date either. And let me answer the last question about Ganondorf with a question of my own: “Have you played any other Zelda games?” It’s really a highly controversial timeline we’re not even currently sure of, and almost all of the adventures are in my opinion spread out basically centuries apart, since there’s always Link starting off as a villager or something and progressing his way as a hero, and how like Link and Zelda are always meeting again for something that feels like the first time. So really, any real evil wouldn’t be supposed to come for at least another 100 years probably. If you’re lucky, the upcoming Wii game Skyward Sword (next installment in the Zelda series) will answer the last question more sufficiently.

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