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ok so this is for fun.leo and sagittarius are fighting for king of the jungle.honest answers please.

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  • *grabs popcorn and sits back to watch*

    is disapointed when both end up crying and make up…..again.

    ugh.* throws popcorn to ground and walks away.*

    never again.


  • Sagittarius Vs Leo

  • people here are saying Sagittarius will win, knowing Astrology I will say Sagittarius is the weakest of all the fire sign, Sagittarius does not last on a fight long, a Capricorn will crush a Sagittarius, so saying Leo will lose it just not base on logic, I know taurus and Capricorn can destroy Sagittarius, but I don’t think any earth sign will stop Leo so the answer is Leo then Aries comes in second

  • Sagittarius will win against the Leo, because Leos are ultimately insecure. A Sagittarius will win, because they fight based upon people crossing barriers related to principles. For example, if they are disrespected. Leos will succumb to the philosophical rightness of the Sagittarian anger. A Leo will understand that they have behaved badly and give in. A Sagittarian will not give in.

  • I’m a Sagittarius woman and got into 3 fights with 3 different Leo woman on 3 separate ocassions and 2 fights with 2 Aries woman who were twin sisters and tried to jump me and beat the breaks off all of they asses including the twins at the same dam time lol I’m quiet and laid back until you piss me off then again I’ve always been the temperamental one in my family I don’t take **** from no one Leo’s talk to dam much I rather knock ya *** out no time for arguing and Aries on the other hand are a little more aggressive than leo but still take to long to react saggis move quick because of our impatient nature period!!!!!!!

  • its sagittarius. leos might not give up on a fight but a sagittarius would scare the leo with its bad temper and the leo would just hand over the king of the jungle to the sag. Anyways these two signs are fire signs. These two are not meant to be messed with you WILL get beat up (aires too) FIRE SIGNS ARE REALLY STRONG

  • It is a close battle, both are very stubborn. They only difference is that Scorpios are a bit more mental than Leos, so they are more cunning. Scorpios have more emotional depth. This can be a downfall because Leos can walk away without any remorse. Scorpios feel the burn, but in the end, they get even. So in reality I think Scorpios win the fight. Leos do have more friends, which can lead to more enemies. Leos are way more trusting than Scorpios. So this can bring them down. Scorpios are definitely more wise than Leos.

  • Its funny how they say that about a Sagittarius can beat a Leo… never…. everyone know a Leo is the most dominant out of all signs period… Sagittarius are soft and always hiding Leo’s are too aggressive Leo’s are the most strongest signs out of the fires

  • Leo’s have cat brains lol

    Sag’s have human brains!

    Leo got claws and only attack from the back

    Sag’s have an actual weapon, and we hunt! — One on the head or in the *** will do it!

    Leo’s being cats can be domesticated!

    Sag’s can and many own cats!

    Leo’s are scared of water

    Sag’s we ain’t scared of ****

    Leo’s cry when they don’t get noticed or lose attention!

    Sag’s laugh at that ****!

    Leo’s go days starving hunting prey and live on dens

    Sag’s we ******* hunt every day, and we can actually hold a sniper riffle or a Bazooka for that matter! –We have ******* hands –not paws! We can build a ******* city!

    Sag’s have more dictators than any sign combined. We have knowledge! Bruce Lee a sag! And the best fighters are Sags, and Taurus! Leo ain’t no threat to our logic!

  • Us Leos have shorter tempers which make us more prone to be violent unlike Sagittarius who is more calm. I say Leos cause we also hate to lose like really, its NOT an option.

  • Going by the stereotype of sun signs, Sagittarius would be the one to win. Leo is said to be king of the jungle, but most of us aren’t living in the jungle. In real life, female lions do most of the killing and survival anyway. The males are lazy bums who do fighting for show once in a while.

    I’ve read over 1000 astrology books and realized that they are like self help books, but it’s up to you really. Astrology is only meant to be a role playing thing for getting motivation to be like what you read about it. People get into it too much sometimes, and it’s like believing you’re a character in a book.

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