Leo vs Virgo fight, Who is going to win?

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Physical and Verbal

11 Answers

  • either way leo

  • Virgo would win verbally.

    The person who screams the loudest does not win. The Leo would be passionately enraged yelling out nonsense, while the Virgo would remain calm and logically destroy them.

    Physically, I don’t know… Astrology doesn’t really dictate the winners of physical fights. I’ve seen good fighters from every sign — even Pisces and Cancer.

  • Verbally, Virgo would throw the book at any Leo. They are very critical and analytical and very good with debating. Physically, Leo wins hand down.


    Source(s): The Undertaker
  • Virgo will win !!! Virgo can take on everything bullʂɧ.ıɬ to themselves . But all on that they have the limit . And once you cross that limit they will burst up and then after even the leos cant do anything. It does not matter whether it is an argument or a physical fight . Once the virgo is on he never see anything.

  • Verbal – Virgo

    Physical – Leo

    Source(s): Leo
  • I’m a Virgo and I always get picked on by Leos. They’re quick to say slick sh*t INDIRECTLY, but they never say it to your face and in Virgo fashion I keep it in until I boil over. When I’m ready to ATTACK so to speak, they back down and get scared and turn the over cheek. I think Leos are all roar and no bite like the cowardly lion.

  • virgo is going to win. i hate leo. i think virgo would win the fight

  • Wow, this is difficult. Both very cunning, very determined but in different ways. I would have to say that whoever starts the fight and holds out the longest would win. But if either get blindsided or heartbroken early in the fight it would be over.

    Source(s): EDIT>> I love a Leo challenge though. I love Leo.
  • Leo will run over Virgo both vervally and physically…there is a reason leo is the KING of the jungle!!! RRRRRROOOAAAARRR

    Source(s): Leo girl..)))
  • hmm … in my opinion Leo… no matter verbal or physical

    Source(s): Leo Lady

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