Life expectancy for a cerebral palsy?

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Who can eat with assistance, barley put her head up, spastic hands and legs, and is in a wheelchair (can not walk). She is currently 10. She had twin transfusion syndrom.

Thanks a ton.

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  • with cerebral palsy you can never be sure. if she has the typical case of it and can self feed (or with a bit of assisstence she can live up to 30- 60 years. people with rigidity or severe spasticity live a lot shorter life spans although if it is normal than she can still live an at least moderate life span. if she can’t move around that well though she is expected to live a shorter life span although it is believe people with cerebral palsy will live a lot longer if they do exercise (or if they can) even if they lose this function later in life. I hope I helped and I am sorry for the little girl that has this. I hope she lives well.


  • Cerebral Palsy Life Expectancy

  • It depends entirely on the individual. It sounds like the individual that you are asking about has fairly severe spacticity and therefore likely to have very reduced movement.

    CP itself does not cause early death but there are some side effects that can affect life expectancy.Unfortunately a lot of people with severe CP die of chest infections because their cough reflex is not strong enough to clear their chest of something that someone else might clear.

    depending on susceptibility to chest and other infections I would guess that this person will have a life expectancy of 30-60 years but it really is very difficult to estimate because of so much difference between individuals.

    Source(s): I’m a trained physiotheʀᴀᴘιsт
  • as normal as anyone. CP does not limit your life span at all.

    Source(s): 2 of my exes have cp.

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