Lifted Ram 1500 tires wearing inside? ?

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I have a lifted Ram 1500 that I purchased used and I believe it’s lifted 4 inches (not sure what size lift) the front tires are rubbing on the inside and it’s not the ball joints, and I had an alignment done about a year ago when I got new tires put on. What could be causing the wear? And what should I do? Thanks!

3 Answers

  • Likely has the wrong size tires on it so when you turn the wheels there’s something making contact with the tire. There’s usually a dust skirt between the inner fenders and the frame to keep water and dirt off of the engine. Those rubber skirts can rub a tire when turning or of they are loose, all of the time. 

  • It’s worn parts or an alignment issue. Find a better shop and have them check it. 

  • Are you sure the tires are rubbing on something? When both front tires wear on the inside edges the toe adjustment has too much toe out. If both front tires wear on the outside edges it’s too much toe in. If the tires are rubbing on the side walls it’s possible the wheel bearings are bad.

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