liscense test route in newhall, CA?

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does anyone know???

haha i wanna go drive it before my actual test.


4 Answers

  • lol….don’t worry me and my friend toke the driving test there at newhall, CA. it WAY easy compare here in los angeles.

    as a reminder be aware to the instruction that the DMV instructor giving you… you will past.

    also i remember before you pull out at the parking of the DMV remember to signal…..also inside that DMV around the parking there this lane that will MERGE to the other lane (were people waiting to be taken the test…not sure if you know what i’m taking about)…..make sure you signal there too if not you will fail AUTOMATIC like my friend sister.

    hey good luck

  • Dmv Newhall

  • Newhall Dmv

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