Lyrics to Break Me Off A Piece Of That Funk?

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Break Me off A Piece of That Funk


Break me off A Piece,

Break Me off A Piece of That Funk

Come and get your chocolate hunk,

Break Me off A Piece of That Funk

[Verse 1]

I want to rock your world,

Take the worry out of you girl,


Diamonds and roses,

Gonna lead you to the Promised Land just like Moses


[Verse 2]

Get on the dance floor and shake it,

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Girl you got my body aching,

I got some moves to sweep you off of your feet,

Let me show you how funky big daddy can be


If anyone knows more, please add to this.

2 Answers

  • just look it up on some lyrics site.



    ive never heard that song.


  • very confusing factor. look over a search engine. just that could actually help!

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