Match the general strategy with the related scenario. The first thing Marco does when he gets an e?

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Match the general strategy with the related scenario.

1.The first thing Marco does when he gets an exam is to write down a timeline of the time period on which he is about to be tested. This helps him match up the names of important people and places with specific dates in history.

2.Marco always asks the instructor how the exam will be scored and how to fill out the answer sheet. He wants to be sure he understands the procedure of the exam before he begins.

3.Marco looks over the entire exam. He assesses the difficulty of each section and makes a quick note in the margin. He also takes note of the point values for each question in each section.

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4.Marco looks at the number of the exam questions and the time limit he has to complete the exam. Then he makes a schedule in his head for about how long he should spend on each question. While he’s answering the questions, he glances at the clock to make sure he’s moving at a good pace.

5.Marco always reads sample questions and answers at the beginning of each section. If they seem like they are going to be complicated, he breaks them down into smaller parts so that he can be sure he understands the individual parts first.

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6.When Marco doesn’t know the correct answer, he uses the process of elimination to cross out the wrong options first. He looks for clues in the grammar between the question and the answers. If he still doesn’t know the answer, he doesn’t stress about it. He circles the question so that he can come back to it later.

7.After he completes an exam, Marco goes back over the directions, the difficult questions, and his answers. He makes sure all of his answers are legible and placed in the right location in the answer sheet.

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a. Avoiding Careless Errors

b. Scanning The Test

c. Making Educated Guesses

d. Reading Directions

e. Reading the Questions

f. Planning Your Time

g. Memory Dumping

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