Molasses has a high viscosity. Explain waht this statement means.?

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Science…. Viscosity: A Property of Fluids.

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  • Viscosity is [[i think]] how fast a liquid moves according to the temp. like If you heat up molasses it will flow out of the bottle than much faster if you didn’t heat it up. So Molasses would have a high viscosity when it is hotter.

    hope i helped ya 😀

  • my science book defines viscosity as “the resistance of liquid to flowing”

    so, liquids with high viscosity flow very slowly (they have a high resistance to flowing)

    and liquids with low viscosity flow fast (they have a low resistance to flowing)

    When you say,

    Molasses has a high viscosity,

    you are saying it has a high resistance to flowing

    it flows very slowly

    you can see this when you try to pour syrup on pancakes, or any other time you would use molasses…. you can see molasses flows VERY slowly

    you might think viscosity depends on the temperature,

    well, that has something to do with it….. you can change viscosity by changing the temperature……


    viscosity depends on the particles in a substance (in this case molasses)

    the ƒᴀʀтher apart the particles of a substance are, the more freely they can move,

    and the faster the substance flows

    you can then say the particles in molasses are tightly packed…. so it takes longer for them to move past each other and flow somewhere

    Hope this helps!

  • That’s as slow as Molasses in January!

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