Monster Milk Side Effects?

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I’m looking into Monster Milk and before I got myself into it I would like to know the side effects. Thanks.

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  • very few side effects, don’t worry. unless you have a liver or kidney problem, there’s really nothing that a large amount of protein (assuming you take it properly) can do to hurt you.

    the one thing i’ve seen happen is guys use it as “meal replacement”, that’s a problem, make sure you keep up your normal eating diet while drinking monster milk. if you can get that down, then you should see no negative effects to using it.

  • Dude other than the muscle milk making you fatter there is no sides for any protein really. How old are you anyways? If ur young it would be ok to take muscle milk cuz its harder to gain fat. and dont be fooled by monster milks 50grams of protein per serving, one serving of monster milk is 2 scoops which is 25 grams of protein per scoop which is average. IMO monster milk is very over priced and i would like to try it because a lot of people say it tastes good but i wouldnt pay for it. One of the best proteins is Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey. It has very good value and u get more for what you pay for.

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