Most beautiful “cold” words in other languages?

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I’m writing a book and I want to name a few characters. I’m trying to find names that have something to do with the cold, as in snow, ice, etc. said in other languages. The best ones are those words that mean something REALLY cold, like “frigid cold,” “deadly cold,” or similar said in one word, whereas in English we would have to use two.

Any ideas? They could be real names that mean those things, or preferably just words in other languages I could use as names. Thanks!

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  • In portuguese:

    Gélido = too cold

    Gelado = frozen, ice scream

    Sorvete = ice cream

    Picolé = popsicle

    Frio = cold

    Neve = snow

    Nevar = to snow

    Gelo = ice

    Calafrio = chill

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    Been watching Donnie Darko I see! I actually had a teacher who Drew Berrymore’s character reminded me a lot of, she was great. It seems kind of twisted, but I like the sound of the word “melanoma”. No, I don’t like cancer, just the way it sounds is so soft and flowing.

  • In my language Punjabi, ( one of many Indian languages ) the word used to describe REALLY cold weather and frozen fog on grass is ” kohra ”

    Its really is considered as dangerous weather as it destroys crops. Hope this helps.

    P.S If u do happen to use this word dont forget to send me the name of the book xD

  • @ Anwarpal: really like Kohra! 🙂

    I know that in Spanish, Neva means snow. Nevada actually means snowstorm. 🙂 And of course, frio means cold.

    Oso huetz means very cold in Basque.

    I think Freya is the Norse goddess of ice, among other things.

    Know this isn’t much, but hope this helps! 😀

  • in japanese, glacial is Hyōga no

    in croatian, it is ledeni

    in finnish it is hyinen

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