mostaccioli vs. baked ziti?

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Is there a difference between baked ziti and mostaccioli? Since moving to the midwest, I have hardly ever seen the term “baked ziti”, but when I see mostaccioli it appears to be the same baked pasta dish I know and love just with penne or rigatoni instead of ziti. Anyone know if there is supposed to be a difference?

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  • Yes, Mostaccioli is a diagonally cut pasta while Ziti is a blunt cut pasta with the same smoothness. But, you can get both with different textures, it’s all about the sauce and how you want it to adhere to your sauce and ingredients of the dish. Penne and Rigatoni are similar substitutes for Mostaccioli, so it’s a Chef’s creative interpretation of the dish and maybe not so much the specific ingredients, baking process and cooking procedure. Many parts of the Country have the same dish, only named differently………, yes? Sounds confusing I know, but I hope this explains it a little better for you. Good night and have a great week!

  • Mostaccioli Baked

  • baked ziti

  • its a diffrent type of noodle, but it tastes and looks exactly the same

  • Same to me

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