Motorcyclists should make a bigger adjustment in speed when encountering:?

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Question 36 (Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

Motorcyclists should make a bigger adjustment in speed when encountering:

Rain or strong wind

Slick roadways


All of the above

7 Answers

  • Choice E:

    Read your driver manual and do your own homework, instead of cheating.

    Probably took you longer to type that up, than just looking up the answer would have.

  • Are you sure you copied it correctly? You definitely should make an adjustment in speed when encountering any of the above. But a -bigger- adjustment in speed makes it sound like there’s one thing here that’s worse than the others. I would say slick roadways.

    But then it really depends on conditions. How big are the potholes? How much wind? And how fast were you going to begin with?

    But all things being equal, slick roadways are the scariest thing here.

  • Definitely.I’ve been on a bike doing 120 it’s incredibly scary!I dread to think of the mess that a a crash at that speed would make.Problem with bikers is they think bikes are built for speed and they’re in total control,so nothing can go wrong.Famous last words,eh!It’s one thing risking his own life but not that of his son or other road users.6 months should give him time enough to reflect on his stupidity.

  • A& B are the same, you don;t need to slow down to go AROUND a pothole.

  • All of the above

  • I hope you really weren’t stumped on this one.

    Common sense should dictate, “All of the above”.

    Please let me know if I’m wrong

    Source(s): I thought it was obvious
  • you dont have to slow down just change the way your riding to suit the condtions

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