my 13 year old daughter is an extremely talented dancer. shes going to high school next year and she says she wants to take a step back.?

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my 13 year old is extremely talented and flexible. she’s always loved dance. she’s scheduled to get her pointe shoes next year but her favorite style has always been contemporary. she says she wants to take a step back from dance. i danced all through high school and one of my biggest regrets in life is giving it up for college. i don’t want to push her, but i also don’t want her to make the same mistake i did. what should i do?

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  • Allow her to quit. High school can open many different clubs, sports, activities and organization she can try out.

    My daughter was an excellent violinist. She picked it up so fast at a young age. She played through high school. She enjoyed it. She could have easily done it in college.  Or even as a career.   But choose not to.   Just Because someone is great at something doesn’t mean it is right for them.

    Let her step back and try other things. 

    Ok, any time you want to pick it up again, let me know.

  • Don’t assume that it will be a mistake or regret for her, just because it was for you.

  • Stop projecting your regrets on to her. Maybe she isn’t interested in dancing at all.

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