My ball won’t unscrew, does anyone know how to get it off?

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I had my lip pierced around 2 years ago, so this is fully healed. This has never happened to me before but the ball off my labret won’t unscrew and it’s stuck on my lip. I tryed holding it in with my teeth and unscrewing it with my hands, is it lefty loosey, righty tighty? Then again, it doesn’t really matter, i’ve tried both sides and it still won’t come loose. It really hurts my damn fingers. My local piercing place is ****, I don’t trust them with pliers or anything. What can I do? 🙁

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4 Answers

  • It could have something stuck to it, try cleaning it, then try unscrewing it.

    Or use pliers your self and unscrew it like that, although it might scratch the ball.

    If that doesn’t work, just go to a piercer and they’ll get it off, you can trust them with pliers.


    Answer my question please, I’ve not had many helpful answers.

  • Try needle nose pliers yourself? That’s what I had to do when the ball on my piercing got stuck. Or maybe try soaking it in a hot cup of water (yes I know that’d be awkward leaning over a hot cup of water with the ball of your piercing submerged in it) because when mine got stuck it was because crust from the piercing got inside the threading of the ball and sealed it shut. So maybe some hot water could loosen that up? That’s just a guess though, it could be worth a shot.

  • mine unscrews when I twist right

    its probably stuck from all the plasma crap.

    I don’t know, try cleaning it loads?

  • yeah ide trt cleaning it abit,

    mine used to do that, but i jus had to grip and try

    good luck

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