My balls hurt when i sneeze? HELP!!!?

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So it RARELY occurs. but when it does, i sneeze and my balls hurt extremely bad!!! It’s like a VERY sharp pain and It radiates from my testicles to…behind them i guess you could say. But it only happens like…every 2months. i sneeze ALL the time but sometimes this gets me by surprise : Any Help? (By the way, i did have a hernia when i was like..7Mo old..but i don’t think that has anything to do with it..or does it?)

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  • You still have a potential hernia! As you sneeze the pressure increases in your abdomen and that pushes tissues or gut into the Inguinal canal (area where your ball came down before birth but the hole DID NOT CLOSE!! See a Doc to check for a “PATENT DEEP INGUINAL RING”.

  • samee here, I’m a girl tho, so i dont have any balls to have pain to deal with 😀

    sometimes when i sneeze, my back really hurts. the reason you have the pain in your…ballsack is because when you sneeze, it travels at about 150km an hour! its a very rapid force in your body, and if your sneeze is severe enough, it causes pain.

    the hernia you had or still might have is ‘inguinal hernia’, which means its located around the anus or genitals. if you feel uncomfortable with your sneezes, you can go to the doctor. good luck (:

  • it has everything to do with that hernia, and this pain- even as occasional as it is, needs to be brought to a doctor’s attention.

  • Ask your doctor, not yahoo

  • i will take care of you baby

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