my chapstick wont move up and down when i roll the thing at the bottom?

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how do i fix it? i dont know what happened. its brand new and it wont roll out! i cant get a new one and my lips are chapped. please just tell me how to fix it?

thanks 🙂

2 Answers

  • There are a few ways.

    First Way:

    Take a clean tooth pick or nail cleaner and go around the edges gently while trying. It will most likely work.

    Second Way:

    Put the chapstick in a pan sitting up with a little bit of hot water on a burner on the lowest temp. for about 60 secs. Then roll up.

    Third Way:

    Melt and then put into a little lipgloss container 🙂

    Source(s): Me 🙂
  • It’s broken, get a new one. Unless you want to pull it out with a fork or something?

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