MY DOG JUST had a SEIZure? ?

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OK My dog has had 2 sceizers with in 24 hours i called the vet and everything and i sceduled an appoint ment for tomarow becuase they sed he will be fine by then. Since the second incident which he just runs on his side and ᴘᴇᴇs and slight body convulsion for under 2 minuites i’ve been very stand offish from my golden retriever. I get nervous around him now and my never be able to adjust to this problem. I can’t even watch a horror film how am i suppost to watch this the vet told my family to study his siezures but i cant watch i will have my own seizure. JK but still i have a week stomach when it comes to things like this and after his first seizure my legs were like wobbling for 2 hours and i couldnt sleep possible only 3 hours in total. Please how can i adjust or reduce his seizures

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ok im not gonna give away this dog i sped every moment with this dog and now since this has happen i am feeling nervous dont call me a bad owner

all of u have been scared, im not used to seeing this.

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  • there’s obviously something wrong with your dog. make sure you bring him/her to the vet as soon as you can!

  • If you care about this animal you will stay close to him and comfort him. If you were sick and your mom was afraid to come near you, how would you feel?

    You are not a good person to have a dog, since you do not care to help him. Your stomach is not 7 days, it is weak. So is your constitution. Get over it. The vet will give you meds for him.

    Then find him a good owner. Buy yourself a fish,

  • there is nothing you can do but observe her so you can tell the vet so he can determine why he is having them. only the vet can give you meds to lessen or stop the seizures. had a boston terr. who had epilepsy was on meds for a long time did well lived a very good life. good luck hope everything works out

  • You can take him to the vet tommorow. He/she will most likely give you a prescription for the dog to take that will lessen his seizures. If you truely cannot handle it, you will either need to put the dog down or give it to a shelter.

  • When i was a child my dog had epilepsy and the vet gave her meds she had to take to reduce the seizures!

  • The vet will give him medicine. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH HIM 24/7!!! Week stomach or not, your dog needs you.

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