My girlfriend died in my arms?

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Hey guys…. I’m 15 years old and I had a girlfriend of about 5 years.. Seems kinda crazy but we got through it. Anyways, about 3 weeks ago, my girlfriend came down with some sort of cold or something so I just thought it was a phase or something.. Then it was still there after about a couple days and it was even worse… When I went to go physically see her at her room, she was a wreck and looked awful… I felt so bad and my heart sank and there she was before my eyes, dying . She had randomly shut her eyes and I first thought she was sleeping but no pulse?!?!? There she is my girlfriend of 5 years held in my arms dead.. I screamed for help and the ambulance came right after but there was no way I could possibly deal with

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this.. Somone please help

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  • I have absolutely no idea what you’re going through or how you feel. But I do know talking about will help. Talk to people you trust and are good listeners. This is not something a 15 year old should have to go through but I do know you will make it. I promise

  • That’s odd…

    Two weeks ago, you posted a similar question and stated your girlfriend died in an automobile accident with her mother. You had your last kiss at the lockers at school just minutes before. Which is it, she died in an accident or from a mysterious cold in her room? Or did you have a girlfriend who died at all?

    You’re free to discuss/ask anything you want, but making up tragic stories for attention is genuinely a waste of your time and everyone elses….Don’t ya think?

  • Sad…. you need to seek counselling to deal with this. 5 years has been too long to experience such strong emotions. My first love died and I still think about him but life is for the living not to be harsh.

  • the best thing you can do is talk to someone go right now talk to anyone you need some comfort in your life from family and friends you need to be there for her family you need to go and let all your emotions out or you’re going to explode.

  • Oh my God that’s horrible. I really hope she’s okay. Good luck man. Stay strong.

  • that sucks

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