my parents don’t let me go out to hang out?

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I know my parents don’t trust me at all. I have to make a schedule at the begining of the week even if its a school activity. I am 16 going on 17 in june. my parents think that i litterally go out to smoke and drink and do methanphedomines. which i don’t because i’m super straight edge. Every time i come home they smell my clothes so that theres no aerosole, alchohol, tobacco etc.. in it and they smell my breath so that theres no alchohol or mint. They constantly monitor their alchohol and whenever any of its missing its apparently because of me when they’re the ones with the guests over. Out of my two sisters I called the biggest liar because when i was 11 i tried to play off a CD player i bought from ebay (which i cannot do because my money is strictly monitored but i saved change for 3 month)as a gift from my friend and they thought it cost alot of money but my friend’s parents say they were un aware of this. Anyways tonight i went out with my friends because i told my parents that i was going to be at their house. So then I get a call from my mom on my friends fone (because i can’t have a phone) saying where i am and i tell her i’m in the starbucks 2 block away. She goes and gets me from the starbucks and asks me where i went with who and what i did. I told her everything every single person we met and for approxmatley how long i was with that person. She then starts ranting about how i lied to her because i went to places that i dodn’t tell her i was going even if i stayed within a 1km radius of my house.

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(note my friends aren’t even like a rough crowd the most badass thing we did was get kicked out of starbucks for being “loud and rowdy” because we could stop laughing at what someone wrote on the table.)


How do i get my parents to maybe trust me and let me “hang out” with my friends?

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  • well, you should talk with your parents and see if they would even let you do something on your own. I mean, parents need to learn that we have to be independent and we can’t rely on them all the times. There are times where in we need to spread our wings and fly.

  • In today’s society it is very scary raising kids and I can see why they are overly protective. the truth of the matter is you may never get them to let you hang out. The only thing you can do is talk to them. Don’t get childish or petty and use terms like you never let me. Plan what you want to say ahead of time just like you would a research paper so that you have valid points you want to make and don’t get distracted. Will it work? Who knows but it definitely won’t if you don’t try. Tell them what you told us, that you don’t smoke, drink or anything and your friends are not bad people. I think there may be more to the story than we are hearing here so ask your parents why they won’t let you and if there is anything you can do to get enough trust to at least try to hang out on a probationary period to see if both parties are happy. I know there are lots of reasons parents don’t let their children have phones but maybe they can let you borrow while your out so that they can get a hold of you at all times. Good luck.

  • Hello ~~ I am a parent of two girls who are now 19 and 21. I know how parents feel, what with the way things are. They are just worried that you are going to get hurt. They love and care for you, otherwise they would just let you do whatever you want.

    My suggestion to you is to sit down with your parents and talk to them. Write out an agreement/contract witht them on what you would like to do and what they expect for you. BE HONEST and candid.

    Your parents will always think of you as their ‘baby’, but if you show them that you can be mature and responsible, they may give a little, too.

  • I feel for you man, cuz my parents are exactly like this. Im 15 and ive never had a social life ever cuz my parents NEVER let me go out. ive been on the verge of killing myself. you NEED to set something up with a counselor. idk what ur parents are like so i cant give you anything specific. do it behind their back if you have to. find a nice psychologist and thingsll be jus fine. and another thing dont be too “teeny” if u kno what i mean.

  • Wooow…they need to relax and let you have some type of life…just think college is right around the corner..freedom train u know…At the end of the day they just love you and don’t want anything to happen to you..Mayb you should have a talk with them…

  • I am assuming this is true. Your parents have a problem and it really is not you. they take their issues out on you. I would get some help from a counselor or some clergy guy.

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