My sister caught me мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтing, REALLY embarrassing what should I do?

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Weird question I Know. I was pretty ᏂᏫᖇᏁᎩ so I decided 2 мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтҽ in my room, I was half way through it when my sister came in 2 my room. I tried 2 pull the cover over me but that failed, she slammed the Door shut and went back downstairs. (my door has no lock just a handle) nothing this embarrassing has ever happened 2 me before lol. I haven’t spoken 2 her all day or made eye contact with her. What should I do now? I don’t know who she’s told or if she has told anyone 🙁 I’m 14 she is 15 This is a serious question not a troll btw

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  • The best thing you can do is to try and act like it never happened. мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтion is a totally natural thing, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. I’m sure your sister мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтҽs too. I’m sorry that you have to go through this embarrassment, but it’s best for you to forget about it.

    If she tries to talk to you about it (I doubt it, but just in case), just tell her that it’s best if you don’t talk about it and that it’s a totally natural thing. If you ever catch her doing the same thing, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it when you forget it.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

    P.S I know that your room doesn’t have a lock, but maybe your sister should try knocking next time.

  • Sister Caught Me мᴀsтuʀʙᴀтing

  • Sis Caught Masterbating

  • Aww haha. She understand honey! It perfectly normal. The awkwardness will subside over time. She probably feels embarrassed cuz you are so embarrassed. I’d just knock on her door and ask if you guys could talk. Then say ” Nothing ever happened, okay?” Then wink. haha. It’ll be a little joke between you 2.

  • Lmao… Sorry, I think that you should just try not to discuss the topic. I’m sure that she doesn’t want to bring it up, either.. so it’s probably best to push it to the back of your mind and pretend that it never happened, carry on like everything’s normal. Well, at least, try to… 😛 And you should probably invest in a lock for your room.

  • Yeah..same thing happened to me man. Honestly the best way to deal with it is to joke around with her about it. Be like “Yeah, I know you caught me jerking it but every guy does it okay, so are we cool now?” If she knows you are comfortable and not overly embarrassed, then she won’t be either. When my older sis caught me, I told her to knock next time and I’d let her know. She’ll even even joke around now with me about it. Much better when its out in the open and no one cares.

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  • You don’t need to talk about it with her or anything. Just pretend it never happened and things will get back to normal soon; I’m sure she wants to pretend it never happened too! It seems like it now, but it’s not the end of the world and someday you’ll laugh about it – really. 🙂

  • If she’s 14, there’s really no reason to explain yourself. She’ll understand what you were doing and why. You’ll be embarrassed at first, but it’ll be something the two of you will laugh about as adults later on.

  • Just pretend it never happened the odds are she does it too so she would be a hypocrite to make fun of you or tell anyone

    also- whats with all theïnċⓔst answers??? D:

  • I guess you’ll do it behind locked doors for now on, right? Chances are, if she tells anyone, they won’t care because basically everyone has done that before in their lives.

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