My Vizio soundbar subwoofer keeps cutting in and out. What do I need to do to fix this?

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While I am watching TV the sound on the subwoofer cuts in and out. The actual soundbar is still working. Model number is VSB211-Z

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  • Well a little more detail here would help. We need to know how you have it set up. Is it through a receiver or other? What are you playing when it does that? How long have you had it & the model number?

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    My Vizio soundbar subwoofer keeps cutting in and out. What do I need to do to fix this?

  • It sounds like you got a subwoofer that doesn’t have an amplifier in it. You will need something to provide the power needed to drive the subwoofer while taking the signal from the sound bar at line level (AUX out) RCA plugs. Good Luck

  • I had this same issue, turns out my appleTV wifi which was right next to the left side of the soundbar was causing interference. I using a Ethernet cable instead of wifi and fixed the issue. Try to eliminate all wifi sources near device to see if that is the issue. You can change the band of your router but some older devices may not operate.

  • Take a look at the owner’s manual then look into the troubleshooting section and see what the manufacturer suggests. I would reconnect everything just to make sure its not going in and out because of not making good contact throughout. If it is wireless it could be interference from another source in or outside of the home, from garage door oƿє-ṅєrs, microwave ovens, portable wireless land lines, routers, you name it. I hope for you its just a matter of re-connecting the wires.


  • I have the 32″ soundbar with a wired sub for my bedroom. I had the same issue. I changed the wire from the soundbar to the sub and voila, no more cutting out.

  • I have the same problem. I have had it for about a year. I am playing my tv out of it.

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    Sure it will have warranty. it will Do.

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