My volume on my tv goes up and down?

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I just bought a new tv a sceptre and when were watching the volume goes low then high what’s wrong with it?

5 Answers

  • TV menu -> Audio options -> try turning off surround sound off -> and I always leave stable sound on.

    – I like it when surround sound is on, it sounds better than when off.

  • Volume Goes Up And Down

  • I took off the back of my TV, disconnected the wires leading to the volume board on my TV (top and bottom wires). I reconnected them back and no more volume control problem. It was a very simple fix which I am sure a TV repair man would of charge me anywhere from $150 to $300

  • go to menu then sound and turn off the AVL, its an auto volume leveler

    Source(s): i own a sceptre X405-BV HDTV with the same options
  • Same problem and i have tried these solutions but it wont let me control the tv/

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