Name a famous sitcom family?

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50 Answers

  • the Ricardo family, I love Lucy

    the Petries, ᗪıc̫ҡ Van Dyke

    the Hartley’s, Bob Newhart

  • The Bunkers, The Winslows, The Jeffersons, The Willis’, The Drummonds, The Seavers, The Cleavers, The Ricardos, The Mertz’, The Keatons, The Gilmores, The Tanners, The Sheffields, The Simpsons, The Griffins, The Taylors,The Petries, The Clampetts, The Jetsons, The Carmans, The Marshs, The Brofslovskis, The McCormicks, The Carters, The Banks, The Kotters, The Conners

  • The Brady Bunch

  • The Brady family

    Source(s): guessed, but it is correct
  • The Cleavers

    The Evans Family

    The Partridges

    The Bradys

    The Sanfords

  • The Bradys

  • Brady

  • Brady

  • The Cunningham’s

    The Huxtable’s

    The Keaton’s

    The Bunker’s

    The Jefferson’s

  • Brady Is the Answer For Radio Trivia

  • The Conners (Roseanne)

    The Huxtables (Cosby Show)

    The Bunkers (All In The Family)

    The Winslows (Family Matters)

    The Jeffersons (The Jeffersons)

    The Taylors (Home Improvement)

    The Tanners (Full House)

    The Bradfords (Eight Is Enough)

    The Simpsons (The Simpsons)

    The Griffins (Family Guy)

    The Smiths (American Dad)

    The Bundys (Married With Children)

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