Name things that go back and forth or up and down?

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e.g. door, elevator

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  • Moods, helicopters, sine curves, points in YA, jaws while eating, toothbrush strokes, magician’s wands, music conductors’ baton, drummer’s gong, violinist’s fingers, flautist’s fingers, cycle pedals, waterfalls, pistons in motors, and a lot many other things.

  • Things That Go Up

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    Name things that go back and forth or up and down?

    e.g. door, elevator

  • Always when I post a question, even if its the easiest one, they cannot give me a good informed answer here. What happened to people who really take the time to write an answer?

  • name things that moves back and forth

  • Daaa swings

  • swings





    someone drowning

    a mom rocking her baby

    someone bobbing for apples

  • Swings, teeter totters, airplanes, balloons, the guards at Buckingham Palace, balls, yo-yos, tether balls, jump ropes, pogo sticks

  • slinkies, pendulums, sliding windows, temperature, ducks in a fair ‘shoot the duck’ game, gophers in ‘whackagopher’, ice hockey goalies in front of their nets to roughen the ice

  • Windshield wipers

    the stock market (although one could say they are all ove rthe place)

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