Native american word for death?

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I’m writing a story and i need a last name for the character. Her name is Angel and i want the last name to mean death to get the total meaning “angel of death”. Being Seminole myself i would prefer a Seminole word but ill settle for Cherokee. i know how Native American names are very specific, so here’s more information to help with the translation.

1) She’s a psychopathic killer.

2) She’s completely obsessed/ in love with the main character.

3) kills people in anyway and with anything she really can.

all in all the cнιcκ just has issues.

Not much to work with i know but anything would be help, the internet isn’t giving me anything to work with.

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  • Since you’re Seminole, why aren’t you asking your relatives how to say “death” in their language? Surely they’d know?

    And what on earth do the Cherokee have to do with it? If it doesn’t matter, why not get it in Norwegian or Japanese, then?

    By the way,in Seminole, it’s Efv. I’m sure, being Seminole, you know how to pronounce it.

    For Cherokee it would be- tsutsayosdi.

  • Native American Word For Angel

  • Seminole, eh? If you are Seminole, why not ask your Seminole family what they think of your story. And what the words may be.

    Cherokee has NOTHING to do with the Seminole….so why would a word from a completely different culture be acceptable to use? That is like me writing a story about a French man. Needing a French name, but claiming that an Italian one would be okay as a substitute.

    Source(s): Ojibwe….
  • Stone age savages? Endangered species? Neither of these statements is anywhere close to being true. In fact some of these ‘savages’ have become successful businessmen, doctors, university teachers and politicians. These same savages own several modern-equipped and profitable airlines (some with large jets) and speak more languages than you likely can. They also happen to have been here for over 4,000 years, compared to our 400. If you did your homework and learned what it actually takes to hunt polar bears (maybe you could share the information with the writer of that ridiculous article) you’d see a well balanced hunt that is first and formost designed to ensure longetivity of the species, not it’s demise. Yes, they can hunt when and where they please, and under that law the number of polar bears (in all 19 populations) has increased from 5,000 to 25-30,000 in the last half century. And contrary to what you’ve heard global warming hasn’t played a part in their lives at all. They haven’t even noticed it.

  • Seminole and Cherokee is part of the Cherokee 5 nations…Cherokee..Choctaw..Seminole..ᑕнιcκasaw..and for language..just cause some people can speak it doesnt mean they can spell and choctaw and the rest of the nations all are different addition..not all natives can speak or know how to spell their language no matter what the family generation is..

  • people I am cherokee and most families have forgotten to pass the language on. The words have been lost its is a god thing to reach out to other tribes to learn and grow as one. that is what most tribes did long before we were born.

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