Need to find the maximum value of the power delivered to the circuit.?

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The voltage and current at the terminals of the circuit element in the figure are zero for t < 0.

For t >= 0 they are

v= 65- 65e^(-1000t) V

i=30e^(-1000t) mA

– +—> i (goes into terminal 1)

p_max= ?

Total energy delivered= ?


2 Answers

  • P=v i. Multiple them together, take the derivative and set it equat to zero. Then solve for P. In your case, by inspection, we know that v and i are at their maximum values at t=0. vmax=65, imax=.030 Pmax=1.95 watts.

  • properly bear in mind the place skill element got here from. For AC circuit P=IVcostheta, the place the importance of cos theta is the skill element. on the grounds that cosine varies from -a million to a million, the skill element varies from 0 to a million.

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