Neutral in an aqueous solution?

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Which, if any, of the following salts will be neutral in an aqueous solution?



C. KBr


In which choice are the 0.1 M aqueous solutions of salts ranked according to decreasing pH?

a) FeCl2, FeCl3, MgCl2, KClO2

1. MgCl2>FeCl3>KClO2>FeCl2

2. KClO2>MgCl2>FeCl2>FeCl3

3. FeCl2>KClO2>MgCl2>FeCl3

4. KClO2>MgCl2>FeCl3>FeCl2

b. NH4Br, NaBrO2, NaBr, NaClO2

1. NaBr>NaBrO2>NaClO2>NH4Br

2. NH4Br>NaBrO2>NaBr>NaClO2

3. NaBrO2>NaClO2>NaBr>NH4Br

4. NaBrO2>NH4Br>NaClO2>NaBr

Can anyone explain to me how you got to your answers? I’m so lost in Chem 106. >_<

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1 Answer

  • KBr because it is made via the reaction of a strong acid and a strong base

    KOH + HBr –> KBr + H2O

    KClO2 is a weak acid, MgCl2 is a slightly acidic salt, FeCl2 and FeCl3 are acidic salts, FeCl3 more acidic than FeCl2 due to # of Cl atoms

    KClO2 > MgCl2 > FeCl2 > FeCl3

    NaBrO2 > NaClO2 > NaBr > NH4Br

    not 100% sure, has to do with the number of oxygens and the halide size. NaBr is a neutral salt, NH4Br = acidic salt with NH4+ grabbing an OH- from water leaving H+

    HClO2 stronger acid than HBrO2 so, NaClO2 would be a weaker base than NaBrO2

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