Newton’s 2nd Law Problem, How To?

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Given the following 3 equations:

m2 * a2x = T – m2 * gsin(theta), (1)

m1 * a1y = T – m1 * g, (2)

a2x = -a1y, (3)

Express a1y in terms of some or all of the variables m1, m2, theta, and g.

The answer is:

a1y = [(m2 * sin(theta) – m1) * g] / (m1 + m2)

The thing is, I am confused as to how that answer was achieved. Can someone please explain to me the steps it takes to get to that answer using the 3 given formulas?

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2 Answers

  • as a2x = -a1y, (3)

    then from (1) we get

    -m2*a1y=T-m2*gsin(theta) [substituting the value of a2x by a1y]


    and given m1*a1y=T-m1*g…..(2)

    now subtracting (4) from (2) we get



    [taking g common]

    or,a1y=[(m2 * sin(theta) – m1) * g] / (m1 + m2)

    [divide both sides by (m1+m2)]

    which is the required expression for a1y in terms of m1,m2,

    theta and g,


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