Nier, forest of myth, mayor’s dream?

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Nier, forest of myth, mayor’s dream?

ok so im looking for the three riddles that are in the mayor’s dream with the answers, first person with all three gets the points…

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  • _______

    on part 1

    The Mayor’s Dream

    Read the text. Eventually, you will be asked three riddles. They’re all extremely simple, but I’ll tell you the answers just in case. For the first riddle, reply, “the answer is…a secret.” For the second riddle, reply, “Sunlight.” For the third and final riddle, reply, “a man.” You will then exit the mayor’s dream. He will give you the Sealed Verse, Dark Execution. Now, head for the next villager to save her from the deathdream.

    The Woman’s Dream

    Again, focus on reading the text. When it comes time to escape the flooding castle, you’ll want to be heading north and east whenever possible. If you make a wrong turn, you can back track, but if you take too long you will fail and have to start over from the begining. When you’ve left the dream, go and speak to the third and final villager to enter his deathdream.

    The Man’s Dream

    Read through the story. It’s all very interesting, no? At the end, you will be provided with a single riddle. It’s a good bit more challenging than the others ones, but it’s a classic, so you’ve probably heard it before. Just in case, the answer is, “the real one is Beta.” You will then exit the man’s dream.

    >>For the main mission, you simply complete the Mayor dream. But if you finish with two other dreams, you can talk again to the Mayor to get a lightsword, Faith.


    on part 2

    Speak to the mayor and he’ll mention something odd about the Divine Tree. Head to the rear of the village and examine the base of the Divine Tree to start another text-adventure-esque dream sequence.

    The tree will tell you several stories, and then ask you a series of questions based on those stories. The answers to those questions are details from those stories and are random.


    “What was the color of lost envy?”


    The color of the girl’s eyes from the first memory story.


    “I implore you: How many were lost by the warrior who fought the red-eyed beasts?”


    Her daughter, and the number of her companions, from the second memory story.

    You may choose whichever answer you like for the third question, as they are all the same. You will then end the dream and obtain the Memory Tree Key

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