Nitrogen will behave most like an ideal gas (Please EXPLAIN ANSWER )?

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a) at high temperature and high pressure.

b) at high temperature and low pressure.

c) at low temperature and high pressure.

d) at low temperature and low pressure.

e) at intermediate (moderate) temperature and pressure.

(Please explain)

2 Answers

  • B) as the higher the temperature the higher the energy the particles will have , the faster they will move, the less likely they will be at the optimum distance for intermolecular forces to occur between atoms (this would result in the particles going into liquid phase). Also low pressure as the more room for the particles to move, so prevent them condensing to a liquid (which would happen under high pressure).

  • (b). All gases are more “ideal” when they are FAR from the liquid phase…that’s why the T should be high and the P should be low, if we want to see ideal behavior. The interactions of the molecules with one another will then be negligible.

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