notepad missing from yahoo mail?

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There was a notepad icon under applications on Yahoo mail. It is now missing. How do I find the notepad application.

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  • Users have had problems reaching several mail-features during the past couple of days, couldn’t find out yet why this is so. What works though is this direct link, maybe bookmark it just in case:

  • To access Yahoo! Notepad, go directly to , and log in.

    It is no longer possible to access Notepad directly in the newest version of Yahoo! Mail. If you use Yahoo! Mail Classic, however, you can continue to access Notepad from your inbox.

    To access Notepad from Yahoo! Mail Classic:

    * Go to Yahoo! Mail. ( )

    * Select the Notepad tab. Notepad opens in the same window.

    * To return to Yahoo! Mail, click Mail located at the right in the toolbar at the top of the page.

    Source(s): I’m a Yahoo! Customer Care Employee
  • attempt clicking information superhighway suggestions interior the equipment and seem interior the browse historical past. you’re able to could flow lower back in historical past some situations yet this could open a previouse notepad. get your data and then delete it. because of fact yahoo has bought out to India and that they do no longer could adjust to our rules and agreements.

  • I have all of my important information stored on Notepad and thisi is causing a great deal of grief.

  • I need notepad returned to my yahoo account. I need to be able to save to my

    calendar. Thanks

  • Yeah Patrick is serious, th yahooo is very bugd

  • my notes is lost

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