On kik i got this weird message,am i blocked?

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on kik i tried to text my freind and they havnt been respoding in awhile i tried again a week later and it said-Oops,it looks like ——“s phone has been off/disconnected for awhile. We’ll deliver the message when they connect again-does this mean he/she blocked me or does it actually mean he/she hasnt checked kik?

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  • It means that she hasn’t been on kik in a while. Maybe she’s logged out an has not logged back in. She could have erased the kik app all together but didnt erase her account.

    Your def not blocked. If you were -her name would be completely erased off your list. You would not be able to see her contact at all!

  • No just means they haven’t been on

  • yyy

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