On my TI-89, why does it get stuck on ‘busy’ when solving a long equation?

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I have a TI-89 and have used the solve func for some time and now when i put in a long equation and press ‘ENTER’ it just gets stuck on “BUSY” like its still trying to figure out the problem… Is there some setting i changed?

After waiting a few mins i press a bunch of buttons and it tells me “error: break” or sometimes error: memory

I already reset my memory and i have no trouble solving basic equations…

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4 Answers

  • Here’s an explanation

    Write a program that is designed to open itself over again.

    On a TI-84, this would merely be



    You will get the same message.

    In short, when you are using solve, your calculator is going through every possible answer and checking off ones that don’t fit, and sometimes long equations will be too big for your TI-89

    Note: Resetting your memory will do nothing – the ‘memory’ noted in the error report is different from the memory of things saved on your calculator.

  • It could be various things … what type of equations are you getting it stuck on?

  • the equation is too long and the ti cant handle it

    try simplifying ur equation first before puting it in there.

  • perhaps you may need a firmware update

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