On Newegg I was charged for a “Free Gift”?

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Ok so I had exactly $1,400 in my account, and I ordered a computer on newegg that came out to $1,350, after ordering I checked my bank account and it sayed I was charged $60 for the “Free gift” game and my other transaction (the computer) was cancelled due to not enough money. Anyone have ANY Idea what happened?!? WHY am I getting charged for something that is free!?!

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  • Typically what retailers do for free gifts is charge $60 or whatever to cover the cost of the gift and then subtract that amount from the cost of the main item, so if you look on your invoice, the computer would end up being something like $1290 or whatever the difference is, making the game effectively free.

    But since check cards take money out of your account immediately, if you have any pending transactions on your balance then they count against it, so you may not have had enough of an actual usable balance for the charge to go through. The game was either just a hold or it had yet to be applied to the overall balance to make it free.

  • Quote ;_ WHY am I getting charged for something that is free!?!

    Answer :- Because your an idiot, thank your luky stars you didn’t have enough money in your bank account to cover the rest of the order, or you would have lost that too. Now Complain to New egg customers service to see if you can get your $60 back and don’t be fooled by Free gifts in future,

  • ask them, they have a number. was there tax in the transaction?

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