Only thing that matters is money ?

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who agree with me ?

i mean doing good. being kind is no going to get u any ware in life

what is friendship???

all i think is it’s some thing to make other what u like ( at lest that is what happens )

What would one do with a lot of money?

right now every thing i want 😛

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  • We may hate to admit it but its true. Money is what keeps us alive. Friendship or love doesn’t.

  • with the right mindset money truly is the only way to live life the way you want, enjoy things, time, freedom, and like i said mindset is important. If you wake up one day and you realize you have 2million dollars to your disposal you can do so much good for other people with only a fraction of the money, invest around half and live comfortably off the interest. But i would take 2 mill over friends and family and love in a second. lifes short and a hug and kiss wont pay for the food on my play or roof over my head so yes, money is the prime initiative in life to me and assuming the majority of the populous.

  • NO not at all.

    Money is needed to survive, but as long as one has enough to survive, the life priorities are totally different.

    “doing good. being kind is no going to get u any ware in life”- kindness does not need rewards. It is a reward in itself.

    We shodul measure sucess by how much WE DO FOR OTHERS, not by how much others do for us.

    I believe in that very strongly.

    What would one do with a lot of money? You die and yur money is gone. Simple. Money is only needed for providing yourself with food and BASIC needs! Helping others should be more important.

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  • Yes yes it would seem that is the only thing that matters, but ofcourse there is food, that matters, and friends, those matter some, and sleep which matters very much. So no it can’t be the only thing that matters. There are manny onther things that matter too. But I can see your point. But if people would be more caring, and give to eachother, instead of themselves, then there would be no need for money.

  • I’m not gunna lie in the US everything is controlled by money. In other countries they still live by the simple things like family and friends (of course spending money but it’s not their world). The US isn’t controlled by the government anymore it’s run by the corporations. It’s really pretty sad.

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  • Of course money is a necessity, but it’s not the most important thing. After all, in the end, you can’t take it with you.

  • Yes. because money=peace of mind. If you do not have money to pay your bills you cannot and will not have peace of mind. Therefore, money really does buy happiness, as disillusioning as this may sound it is true. Money=happiness=peace of mind.

  • well, many things r importat in life like friendship, courage, intelligence and most of all giving a smile evrytime and brightening someones day. sadky, no one values these anymore… lets face it… everyone cares abt money only in this mad world.

  • i agree, but i want a little lovin’ to go with that money.

  • Tell that to Ted Binion when he needed a friend!!

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