Opposite of “harem”?

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What would be the opposite of “harem”? I mean one woman with a whole lot of men.

I have a collection of stuffed moose – 1 female and 36 males. (Almost no one makes stuffed female moose) and I wanted to tell someone Maddies had a whatever-the-opposite-of-harem-is, but I didn’t know what to say.

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  • I don’t think there is an opposite as such. The word Harem is the portion of a Mohammedan house allotted to females being the wives or concubines of a Mohammedan male. Technically it is a place rather than a collection of people. The word is derived from the Arabic words ‘haram’ or ‘harim’, which mean ‘forbidden’, the verb is harama, to forbid. These words to not specify gender so I suppose that it would be possible for a female to have a harem of males too.

  • For a few reasons–the “housing” aspect of the definition of a harem; a harem’s legitimacy within the cultures that the word came into being; and the woman: men ratio–the opposite of a harem could be said to be a “house of ᴘʀosтιтuтion.”

  • the opposite of a harem is called a reverse harem. it is a genre in anime & manga

  • Hmmm …. Good question. I would think it’s called a Male Harem.

  • a hisem (a harem of hims) lol

  • gyakuhāremu or reverse harem

  • I think Butterfly has the best answer.”Hisem” is clever without being pretentious.

  • A woman with a whole lot of men? That would be a s l u t.

  • nunery

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