Options for out of control Children, ie; boarding school?

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what do you do with an out of control 8 year old boy? what are your options if you want to have him live somewhere else, temporarily? boarding school and military school i believe is for a year. what else?? is there some sort of camp for 2,4,6 weeks?

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  • If you have tried all the traditional discipline techniques and if it is still not working then it’s time to look at services in your community. Check the Yellow Pages for Mental Health Services. Look into family counseling. He also might need to visit with a psychiatrist. Medication can work miracles on kids who are properly diagnosed with a mental disorder like Bipolar or ADHD.

    In the old days, kids like this were sent away to institutions for the emotionally disturbed. They had institutions for retarded kids too. That kind of separation from family isn’t always so healthy though especially when they’re so young like your child is. There is reason why parents are suppose to keep their kids at home now. The services are more community based and sending a child away has become very outdated. Nowadays there aren’t very many schools/institutions that are still left that will even accept an 8 year old with serious behavioral problems. Don’t send him away. Keep working with him and take advantage of services in your community. In the long run, you’ll be grateful that you didn’t send him away for a year like you are suggesting.

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  • Boarding Schools For 8 Year Olds

  • Give him a couple of butt whippings. And when you say no, MEAN IT. When you tell him to do something, make him do it – watch him. Don’t let him run off to his room or to a friend’s house until he is done. Be true to your word. When he throws tantrums, take him away from the situation and ignore it. DON’T CAVE… You’re the parent, so get it together and show your son who is in control. Otherwise he’ll turn into a nightmare when he hits his teenage years. You got 5 years to go, so get it together.

    Sending him away – especially this young – is only going to come across to your son as a.) you’ve given up on him; or, b.) abandonment.

    Now, that’s not to say that a few years down the road, if the problem persists, that alternate solutions shouldn’t be given consideration. Boot-camp works wonders for adolescents. But your son is ONLY 8, so work with him.

  • Children do not misbehave or fail in school just to get attention. Behavior problems can be symptoms of emotional, behavioral or mental disorders, rather than merely attention-seeking devices. These children can succeed in school with understanding, attention and appropriate mental health services.

    Behavioral problems in children can be due to a combination of factors. Research shows that many factors contribute to children’s emotional problems including genetics, trauma and stress. While these problems are sometimes due to poor parenting or abuse, parents and family are more often a child’s greatest source of emotional support.

    Children’s emotional, behavioral and mental disorders affect millions of American families. An estimated 14-20 percent of all children have some type of mental health problem. Jimmy and the many others mislabeled as “bad kids” can use the support of their communities.

    For more information on children’s emotional and behavioral problems, call the Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, one of the Public Health Service agencies in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at 1-800-789-2647.

  • The parents are to blame for childrens behavior, so it’s not the behavior of the kid you need to modify, its YOUR behavior. Stop coddling him, stop letting him have his way, stop LETTING him be an out of control boy. When he’s bad send him to his room without dinner, DONT BRING ANY UP TO HIM, when he wont go to his room or sneaks out, give him a spanking, when he fights back, use force to hold him down until he submits.

    You dont have to BEAT him, you just have to make him know that you arent afraid to if he pushes you too far. He WILL behave.

    Child abuse is when you come home drunk and wake your kid up screaming and hitting them. Corporal punishment is called GOOD PARENTING.

  • military school is probably the best bet. There are also, summer camps, autum camps, and spring camps

  • Save your money, he needs to spend some

    quality time over your knee…

    Spare the rod, spoil the child.

  • is this a serious question? you want to send your 8 year old child away because you can not control him? you really messed up. why don’t you beat his *** and make him behave? this is YOUR responsibility…not to send him away and have someone else clean up your mess. take that boy and put him and yourself in counselling sessions. if you can not handle a 8 year old child, you need to send yourself to parenting boot camp.

  • Send him to camp, or call one of those nannys that teaches children, like the nanny on the TV show “Nanny 911”

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