Order the following atoms according to increasing atomic radius: S,F,O.?

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Rank them from smallest to largest.

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  • this question is acutally concerning electronegativity.

    F is the most negative, so its radius is the smallest.

    Using both S and O is a trick question because they have the same charge.

    However, the trend shows that as you go down a verticle column on the periodic table, the radius get bigger.

    So S radius > O

    so in the end it goes F<O<S

  • Look at the periodic table of elemnts:

    1) Across a period : Atomic Radius Decreases.

    Why? The nuclear charge increases, but the # of orbitals (shells) stay the same.

    2)Down a group : Atomic Radius Increases/

    Why? A) Shielding effect

    B) The # of electrons increase, and so there is a grater repulsion.

    Find them out yourself now =p.

  • hi i’ve got studied A-point Chemistry interior the previous, and this methodology of β€˜mneumonic/synonymous’ regarded truly sensible, as i understand how frustating that is usually to recite stuff πŸ˜‰ For first 12, alongside with: Sodium and Potassium: H- Henry He – He Li – Likes Be – B B – B C – C N – no longer O – On F – Friday Ne – Nights And latter 12, alongside with: Chlorine and Flurorine Na – Naughty Mg – Magpies Al – continually Si – take a seat P – completely S – nonetheless Cl – heavily Ar – arranged on the ok – Kitchen Ca – Carpet *be conscious as you waft around the era table, (different than transition metals – perplexing stuff), you spot that the dimensions often will enhance because of the fact the greater electrons an atom has, the better area is taken up by capacity of orbitals e.g 1s, 2p and 3-D shizzle stuff!, for that reason the atom turns into bulkier, atom has lesser administration because of the fact the final orbital/shell is further away – for that reason much less of a pull and has a tendency to enhance, bit like the universe ;). desire it helps and is going nicely!

  • Smallest To Largest Atomic Radius

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