Organic Chemistry Grignard reaction question?

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This question is confusing me, it says :

-Benzene is often produced as a side product during grignard reactions using phenylmagnesium bromide. how can its formation be explained? and give a balanced equation for its formation.

3 Answers

  • The Grignard reagent PhMgBr will react with traces of water or other protic solvents to produce benzene:

    C6H5MgBr + H2O –> C6H6 + MgBrOH

  • there are a number of attainable, even with the undeniable fact that it could count number on the technique getting used. Isobutane might desire to be an impurity if water have been present or if unreacted Grignard reagent have been present for the period of artwork up. even with the undeniable fact that, they could be generally eradicated additionally, so they might no longer present additionally. in addition with different by employing-products.

  • C6H5MgBr + H2O–>C6H6+MgBrOH

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