Overview of the skeleton classification and structure of bones and cartilages

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Overview of the Skeleton: Classification and Structure of Bones and Cartilages Cartilages of the Skeleton 1.Using the key cho
4.Bone Markings: Match the terms in column B with the appropriate description in column Column A Column B a. condyle b. crest
Gross Anatomy of the Typical Long Bone 5. Match the key terms with the descriptions. Key: a. articular cartilage b. diaphysis
6. Use the key terms to identify the structures marked by leader lines and braces in the diagrams. (Some terms are used more
7. What differences between compact and spongy bone can be seen with the unaided eye? 8. What is the function of the perioste

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Matching the cartilage types to their specific body location or
function :-

1. Supports the external ear — elastic cartilage

2. Between the vetrbrae — fibrocartilage

3. Forms the walls of the voice box (larynx) — hyaline

4. The epiglottis — elastic cartilage

5. Articular cartilage — hyaline cartilage

6. Meniscus in a knee joint — fibrocartilage

7. Connects the ribs to the skeleton — hyaline cartilage

8. Most effective at resisting compression —

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9. Most springy and flexible — elastic cartilage

10. Most abundant — hyaline cartilage

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