Parvaid for Parvo? Does it work or is it a crock?Any vets out there to answer?

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My dog was recently expose to Parvo…she had one set of shots but we had yet to get her second…point is that she is at risk to get it! (so please no rude comments or lectures). Through my research I found Parvaid, what I want to know is if anyone has used it, did it work as well as they say? I want to know because I am strongly considering it…she doesn’t have ANY SYMPTOMS at this time! She may not have it but I want to be prepared for anything as her chances are high.

Thank you …I HAVE taken her to the vets…IMMEDIATELY after finding out she was exposed. They told me to bring her in the first time she vomits…they handed my antibiotics and anti diarrhea (which she is done with now…we have one more week or 2 before being cleared) to give her. I just wanted to know about the meds…I DO know how dangerous this is….I watched a pup die on Sunday from this. I am very worried and looking to do all I can…which included getting her to the vets asap! Really just wanted something more I guess because I don’t want her to get SO bad should it be inevitable that she get sick.and more so I WANT HER TO LIVE!

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Edit: Done with the Diarrhea meds only …still has 2 days on the antibiotics.

As requested more info….

She was exposed from tuesday (had NO clue the dog had it until to late) of last week until Sunday around 2pm when I took the dog who died to the emergency vets. We took my pup to the Vets on MONDAY, she got a neg parvo test result, given anti biotics and diarrhea meds along with her second set of shots and given a clean bill of health (no worms as well). She is 7 months old, 22 pounds, rat terr./lab mix. She is eating/drinking fine and is her normal self at this time (friday night). Any more info needed ask!

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  • To start with, I would definitely need to know more information about when the puppy was exposed, vaccinated, how old it is, etc.. but here it goes..

    Typically at the clinic I work at we don’t recommend using products like Parvaid because they aren’t approved by the FDA nor proven to work reliably enough.

    But if you want to use this product this is what I recommend – seeing as though Parvaid is a herbal form of treatment, and the recommendation is to start using the product before symptoms start, you should get this product and start it IMMEDIATELY. Weather the puppy has or has not contracted this virus it can’t hurt to give it. My STRONG recommendation is that if symptoms arise and the puppy’s health starts to deteriorate, please take it to the vet and do not rely on this product to take care of it.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Don’t mess around. I wouldn’t. You get what you pay for!

    If you even suspect she has it take her to the vet. Many, many, many dogs have died from it. The treatment is very expensive. Don’t chance it.

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