Peavey JF- 1 vs Epiphone Dot?

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Which guitar is better? Both are semi-hollow and both cost 300 dollars.

Nevermind, actually the Epiphone is 400 dollars. But I like the placement of the cable jack on the Peavey more. How do the pickups compare?

I checked. The Peavey has a set neck. I personally prefer bolt on by the way. I think they actually have more sustain than set necks (despite what people say). And they are easily replaceable.

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  • You really can’t go wrong with an Epiphone Dot. They feel and play as well as (and sometimes better than) their Gibson big brothers. I know a retired guitar teacher and session man who prefers his vintage Epiphone dot to any other guitar he’s ever had and he has owned more guitars in his life than most people have seen. Peavy has decent amps, but I have never been over impressed with their guitars.

    That said, I would recommend you stop into your local music store that sells Ibanez and try out the Ibanez Artcore AS73. They are one of the best 335 copies I have ever played and I have read that many who own them actually prefer them to the real thing. I tried one at my local music store, just for kicks. I liked it so much, I might have bought it, if it hadn’t been red.

    Do not buy any guitar “sight unseen” or un played either. Go to your local music store. Try before you buy. Ask questions. Negotiate. Keep your money in the local economy and make a face and a place for life where you can go whenever you have questions and/or problems. Chances are you’ll get much better prices. I recently researched a specialized guitar I wanted at a well known online music store that claims they have the lowest prices guaranteed. I got it at my local music store by special order, with tax, delivery, case and setup for $60 less than what the online store wanted for the guitar and case before tax and shipping. Don’t be fooled.


  • I had a Dot I now have a JF 1 the Peaveys got more going on for it. Binding headstock neck body front and rear AND F holes Set MAPLE (way less fragile) neck with rosewood fingerboard. Flame top all Maple ply body with Maple Block in center of body. The pickups are Ceramic magnets but I like them very much and the Dot always sounded muddy when I had it. Big thing that helps with these 24.75 scale guitars is to use at least 10’s for strings 11’s much better. Also the Peavey has a smaller tapered headstock with a much less severe side angle to the D and G strings off the nut to the tuners. A serious problem for Gibsons Epiphones and Gretsch guitars with wide headstocks. The Peaveys more like a PRS style.headstock. The quality is there but I believe a luthier could dress up the frets a bit better on the edges. At $349 I dont expect fret perfection and such but the finish is flawless on mine.

  • Well, I’m guessing the Epi is better. The Epis used to come with low output, ceramic pickups, sort of like PAFs but muddier. But they might have improved them since the mid 2000s.

    I can’t find much information on the JF’s pickups, or its neck. I know the Epi has a set neck.

    If the JF has a set neck, then they are contenders. But the stores do not mention the neck on the Peavey, which probably means its a bolt-on (which is really a negative in terms of feel and sound).

    If you can try both, then try em both out.

    But If you are buying sight unseen, I’d take the Epiphone. I think in the long run, it will be a better guitar and a more resaleable one, just because it’s a common make and model.

  • Guitar for Guitar the Peavey wins. Neck, Pickups – just overall playability. This chinese -elcheapo guitar is a gas.


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