pick larger atom of the fowlloing pair?

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Choose the larger atom from each of the following pairs.

Sn or Si

Br or Ga

Sn or Bi

Se or Sn

thanks soooo much!

5 Answers

  • When we look at their atomic masses Sn is 50, Si is 14, Br is 35, Bi is 83, Ga is 31 and Se is 34. so the answer is

    Pair 1= Sn

    Pair 2 = Br

    Pair 3 = Bi

    Pair 4 = Sn

    Source(s): Check the periodic table of the elements
  • 1. Sn

    2. Ga

    3.Cannot determine based on periodic properties alone.

    4. Sn

  • 1. Sn

    2. Br

    3. Bi

    4. Sn

  • look at the periodic table silly, thats why they have them.

  • Sn, Br, Bi, Sn

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