please delete my account completly?

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31 Answers

  • It’s apparently impossible to delete your profile. I guess the only option is to remove all your pictures and information, maybe change email to a dummy account, and then never go back. I’ve tried several times and it does not work the way the site says it does.

  • Delete my looxy account completely, I don’t like it

  • I no longer wish to continue my Looxy account. Pelase delete this account from any further contact with me. Thank you.

  • Yes delete my account

  • yes delete am looxy account

  • I am a man and i want to make friendship with woman. I am nearly 40 years old and live in Kolkata.

  • Just delete my email address because that is all you have. This site is a crock! Valerie

  • this site is full of scammers,then you cant log back inafter you sign out this site ꜱᴜcκs big time .delete my account .

  • The whole site is filled with scam artist ! Even when you report them, they do nothing about it ! I wouldn’t recomend this site to anyone !

  • I can’t get on /date.I like to delete my profile.

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