Please, list some songs similar to Paint It, Black?

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Please, list songs with a similar tune and similar lyrics compared to the song Paint It, Black by The Rolling Stones.


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  • Iron Man by Black Sabbath.

  • There are not many minor key uptempo 60’s songs with electric and acoustic guitars and some mixed in sitar. You have some other Stones songs like

    Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (probably the closest match)

    19th Nervous Breakdown

    Mothers Little Helper

    Heart of Stone

    We Love You

    Sympathy for the Devil (not in aminor key)


    plus some Yardbirds such as:

    Still I’m Sad

    For Your Love

    and the Kinks:

    I’m Not Like Everybody Else

    Dead End Street

  • Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix, Dream on by Aerosmith, AND Immigrant song by Led Zepplin. basically classic rock. I listen to those bands. Another band is The Beatles.

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  • Check out:

    They’ll give you a whole playlist of songs similar to Paint It Black and its free to listen.

  • the end of baba o’riley by the who sounds really similar

  • i get no satisfaction – rolling stones


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