Politically what a Gruberite?

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  • Gruberites are people who are easily deceived by politicians.


    Gruberites believed Obamacare would cause their health insurance costs would go down and that they could keep their current health insurance plans. Non-Gruberites were familiar with what the bill actually said. Non-Gruberites knew it was a tax before the Supreme Court even took the case.

    Obama did not have much of a political resume before running for President. Nobody voted for him based on his political past. Gruberites voted for him based on “hope and change” or the color of his skin.

    Washington State is planning charging residents a per mile user fee for each mile they drive. This is supposed to REPLACE the current state gas tax. Gruberites believe the state gas tax will go away when the per mile fee is introduced. Intelligent voters realize that the per mile fee will be in addition to the gas tax.

  • The first answer defines Gruberite but it’s examples are false. Making aznyone who bedlieves what was written as a Gruberite!

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  • I came here looking for a definition of Gruberite. From these posts, I can only presume it is a term only used by fairly stupid people.

  • It is someone like myself who could not get health insurance because of a pre existing illness before 2010. Now I can get insurance.

  • The author of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber went on a college speaking tour talking about the democrat base being easily manipulated and “stupid”. Getting Obamacare passed as dependent on how stupid the democrat base was. If they were not stupid, they would never support it because it was a massive tax on the middle class.

    He also liked to lecture his ivy league audience on Chuck Schumer’s limited understanding, Pelosi’s insanity, and a list of issues with other political leaders.

  • All politicians are “Gruberites” because they all believe that the American people are too stupid to understand what’s going on in national government.

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