Poll: If you were to travel across the US, what cities would you visit?

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8 Answers

  • Denver to visit relatives.  San Diego because I haven’t been there in 30 plus years.  Seattle for the same reason.

  • I can tell you the ones I wouldn’t go to. every city in California, NY NY, Minneapolis, Portland OR, Seattle and Chicago.

  • I would visit Seattle, Boise, Butte, International Falls, Hayward, Grand Rapids, Tonawanda, Montpelier, Boston, Hartford, Providence, Boston, and Bangor

  • Chicago, IL, Chatanooga, TN, Sarasota, FL, Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, New Orleans, LA.

  • New York, Texas, Seattle, Florida, California to name a few I’d love to visit perhaps one day when this pandemic is over

  • I would visit Los Angeles, Hollywood (is that a city?), Washington DC, and the state of California. I might *consider* to visit New York City but if I did then I’d never go anywhere alone. Seems dangerous in such a high crime rate city

  • Small ones, like Cranfills Gap, on the way to Grand Canyon; traveling to south Louisiana, like Iowa (pronounced EYEway, not like the stste) for Cajun food. Don’t need cities for relaxing travel…

  • The one with the fewest darkies.

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