Pork shoulder bone for my dog?

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I just roasted a pork shoulder> Can I give the bone to my dog?

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  • Depends on how strong a chewer your dog is. I give mine beef bones and they last but I gave him a ham bone and he crunched it down like a dorito. He is an English Mastiff. Any bull terrier breed or molosser will probably be similar. Molosser think big.

  • Pork Shoulder Bone

  • NO! No cooked bones! They splinter into glass-like shards and become impacted in the dog’s intestines. The only people who will tell you it’s okay to do this are pet owners who haven’t yet run into a problem. Any veterinarian will tell you that it’s really dangerous.

    If you want to feed bones to your dog, learn how to do it correctly by feeding BARF: a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet:


    When I fed my dogs a BARF diet, I stayed away from pork bones because even when raw, they were sharper than anything else. Do educate yourself before putting your dog at risk. If you have any doubt after reading these answers, call your veterinarian. If you guess wrong, you may be making a very expensive visit there….

  • Raw=good (yes even cнιcκen)

    cooked= hard, splintery, dangerous.

    If you supervise a large dog with a shoulder bone that he has for a short time as a recreational bone, you can probably get away with it. Be aware and be prepared to take the bone away if he tends to gulp his food.

    The only hard and fast rule here should be Common Sense.

    Factor in the size of the dog, the size of the bone, how the dog chews on it and be watchful.

    I had a friend lose her dog to choking on a tennis ball, that doesn’t mean tennis balls are dangerous but you have to be attentive.

    EDIT: Lorrain F. : You’re right the bones at Petsmart aren’t raw. They are processed, sealed and bleached ( and not real good for the dog).

    Source(s): Raw feeder for lo these many years.
  • No! Dogs should never get cooked bones, only raw, and pork isn’t at all good for dogs. Raw beef knuckle bones are safe.

  • Yes. Dogs have eaten bones for at least 10 years now.

    Edit: The bones sold at Petsmart and Petco are NOT raw. My dogs have all eaten cooked bones from time to time and never had a problem.

  • NO. NO cooked or heat treated bones of any kind! Raw is okay, but NOT cooked.

    It can splinter and perforate his insides.

    If you want to give it a raw bone, go ahead, but not a raw PORK bone, either.

  • yes. pork bones dont splinter and hurt ɖσɡɡγs mouth

  • Yes they are safe and your dog will love you for it!!

  • OK as long as he is not Islamic

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